"Dylan Tanner Hink is the consummate singer-songwriter...he writes thoughtful, purposeful lyrics that pair with immediately catchy, melodic hooks. It's all wrapped up in his warm vocal style that feels right at home among the likes of Damien Rice, Ray LaMontagne, or Gregory Alan Isakov. Highly recommended!"

-Jana Pochop 


"Songwriters strive to turn life experiences into something that a listener can resonate with. That talent is what makes an artist like Dylan Tanner  Hink so special. He has the ability to effortlessly tell his stories in a very relatable way. His love for his family pours into his songs and gives the listener a refreshing escape from all the negativity in the world.    

I had the great fortune of recording and mixing one of Dylan's records. His positive attitude in the studio really set the tone for the record, making it one of my favorite projects to be a part of in recent years.    

I look forward to seeing where Dylans musical career takes him in the future!"   

-Charlie Kramsky   

(Recording/Mixing Engineer) 

"We’ve had the great pleasure of having Dylan Tanner perform in our brewery on a number of occasions, including for his album release party and a music festival he put together.  Each time, and for every occasion, Dylan “brings it.” 

First of all, this is a very talented singer/songwriter, someone who thoughtfully applies himself to his craft, someone who is earnest, passionate about what he does…and what he does, he does very well.  Secondly, Dylan brings a vibe…by way of his style and by way of his many, enthusiastic followers.  Last, this is a hard-working young man, honest and genuine in his interactions. 

We like Dylan…a lot.  We love his energy, talents, honesty, dedication-to-craft and the genuineness of his personality, all of which you get to see, every time he plays.  We all look forward to watching his continued growth, and we’ve been fortunate to be part of his path."

-Dr. James Baroffio

(Owner/Brewmaster at Bandera Ale Project)